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How COVID-19 has heightened the need for healthcare equity

Health equity is achieved when every person can “attain his or her full health potential” and no one is disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of social position or other socially determined circumstances. The pandemic has heightened existing disparities in access to care and has highlighted emerging disease disparities (e.g., behavioral healthcare). Analytics can be used to understand where inequities exist that can impact caregiving, costs, and wellness to effectively and efficiently close gaps in care.

In this session you will learn:

  • Barriers to achieving healthcare equity
  • How COVID has negatively impacted healthcare equity
  • How to use analytics to identify and close gaps in care


Arlene Ash, Ph.D.

Arlene Ash, Ph.D.
Professor and Division Chief, UMass Medical School

Rachael Jones, Cotiviti

Rachael Jones
SVP, Performance Analytics and Quality, Cotiviti