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Payment integrity: Getting self-insured employer groups on board

Discover best practices for reaching your self-insured employer groups with better payment integrity.

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Self-insured employer groups, or administrative services only (ASO) partners, are increasingly managing more and more of the covered commercial population. And the pressure and demand for self-insured employer groups to have visibility into payment integrity measures implemented by the administering plan is growing rapidly. 

Read our new white paper as we explain best practices in :

  • Shaping program design and contracting
  • Negotiating fees with self-insured employers
  • Engaging employer groups
  • Implementing technical updates

About the Author

As executive vice president of payment integrity operations, Matthew leads Cotiviti’s payment operations business unit, where he is responsible for the success of Cotiviti’s prospective Payment Policy Management and Coding Validation solutions as well as the content development team. He has been with the organization since 2004.

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