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Finding new opportunities to improve payment integrity with inpatient claim review

Learn how to reduce the burden of research and recovery for inpatient claims with a tailored pre and postpay approach.

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Inpatient care is one of the most expensive healthcare services, where errors in payment may delay payments, increase provider abrasion, and lower member satisfaction. But the complexity of inpatient claims often leads payers to bypass inpatient claim editing, resulting in millions of dollars in preventable overpayments for a single organization.   

Read our new white paper for insights into how health plans can: 

  • Implement efficient postpay inpatient programs  
  • Apply prepayment integrity for inpatient claims to improve value  
  • Employ best practices to reduce provider abrasion 

A comprehensive and tailored payment integrity program that monitors inpatient claim spend can protect member benefits and help ensure accuracy to reduce the financial and administrative burden of improper payments. Don’t miss out on this chance to seize new opportunities to improve your payment accuracy.

About the Author

Cheri oversees the operation and strategic direction of Cotiviti’s prospective and retrospective Clinical Chart Validation solutions. As a tenured member of this business unit, Cheri leads a team of clinical and coding professionals, product specialists, and medical directors and brings valuable hands-on, day-to-day experience with Cotiviti's portfolio of clients. Before joining Cotiviti, Cheri spent more than 20 years working with health plans, health systems, employers, and government agencies to improve their payment integrity, contract and policy compliance, talent acquisition, and care management practices.

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