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Health plan protects financial integrity with prepay review solutions

Learn how the largest Medicaid payer in one state protects its financial integrity with Payment Policy Management and Coding Validation.

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Health plans have an obligation to protect the funding they receive from inappropriate expenditures—whether that funding comes from members or taxpayer dollars—but they can be vulnerable to huge amounts of claim errors, waste or even abuse every year.

That’s why one Cotiviti client, the largest Medicaid payer in the state it serves, partnered with Cotiviti by adopting Payment Policy Management for second-pass prepay claim editing and fully integrated Coding Validation for prepay review of complex coding errors.

Read our new case study and learn how the plan avoids $200 million in payment errors each year, benefiting from:

  • Increased prepay savings by avoiding improper claims payment
  • Improved provider payment accuracy 
  • Closed gaps in primary claim editing
  • Ability to rapidly scale payment integrity programs with membership growth