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Managing a connected claim continuum

Payment integrity is evolving. By now we know that preventing an inappropriate payment is preferable to recovering an overpayment. But that’s not always possible. The most successful plans take a thoughtful approach to moving payment integrity concepts from post to prepay—while ensuring their programs share information as efficiently as possible to optimize the cycle. In this session, we’ll move the conversation from the theoretical to the practical through an interactive discussion around what’s truly working in the move to an integrated PI program.

View our on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Real-life examples of what plans have done to successfully move to prepay, and how it has improved medical cost savings
  • New tactics to overcome the technical, clinical, and organizational challenges of connecting pre and postpay programs, including how Cotiviti clients are overcoming roadblocks to add prepay reviews of COB and DRG errors
  • When to move to automated edits, when to involve human review, and when to use new processes like claim sequencing and repricing