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Optimize and expedite DRG review with Clinical Chart Validation

Learn how Cotiviti's new cross-claim clinical review feature adds incremental value and can speed the DRG review process without sacrificing accuracy.

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Chart review can be time-consuming and costly. But Cotiviti streamlines DRG review, finding errors that slip through the cracks—sometimes without the immediate need of medical records.  

Learn how our Clinical Chart Validation solution’s cross-claim clinical review provided a more comprehensive picture of each member’s patient journey, enabling one plan to catch a major diagnosis mismatch. Cotiviti experts used cross-claim clinical review to analyze the patient journey and how it relates to the claim history.    

Read our case study to:  

  • Learn how this cross-claim clinical review feature works  

  • Discover the results we delivered for one plan after catching an inaccurate secondary diagnosis  

  • Explore the overall benefits of Cotiviti’s DRG review  

 Learn the different ways that Cotiviti can help your organization to streamline and optimize DRG review without sacrificing quality.