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Optimize and expedite DRG review with Clinical Chart Validation

Learn how Cotiviti's new cross-claim clinical review feature adds incremental value and can speed the DRG review process without sacrificing accuracy.

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Chart review can be time-consuming and costly. But with Cotiviti’s streamlined DRG review, health plans can identify previously undetected errors—often without the immediate need for medical records.  

Clinical Chart Validation delivers a more comprehensive view of your members’ patient journey by deploying advanced analytics to break down their claim history. Read our new case study and learn how Cotiviti experts used cross-claim clinical review to reveal a diagnosis mismatch, helping our clients: 

  • Significantly accelerate the identification and discovery process
  • Catch errors earlier without sacrificing the value of human expertise
  • Reduce provider abrasion and burden 

Don’t miss this opportunity to see how Cotiviti can help your organization to streamline and optimize DRG review without sacrificing quality.