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DxCG® Intelligence solution

Clearly identify, stratify, and manage individual and population risk

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To effectively analyze healthcare outcomes and spending, and appropriately manage clinical and financial risks, organizations need to account for the clinical complexity of each individual in a specific population.

The gold standard in risk assessment and predictive modeling, DxCG® Intelligence analyzes and helps manage the clinical and financial risks associated with caring for populations, with specificity at the individual level. Part of healthcare’s DNA for more than 25 years, DxCG Intelligence is at the core of Cotiviti’s Network and Clinical Analytics solutions.

Read our fact sheet and learn how DxCG enables health plans to:

  • Assess the disease burden of individuals, subgroups, and populations
  • Predict the future cost of care for a population
  • Measure efficiency in healthcare resource usage
  • Assess performance relative to peer groups or benchmarks
  • Develop fair and accurate risk-based provider payment systems
  • Inform care management and evaluate the impact of quality programs