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Progress Report: Pursing better value-based care with Florida Blue Medicare

To successfully transition from paying for volume to paying for value, Medicare Advantage plans must take a more innovative approach to provider engagement. Providers need the proper tools and data to understand what comprises high-value care and succeed in value-based incentive programs.

In 2021, senior medical directors from Florida Blue Medicare joined us to explain how their organization has aligned with primary care providers on education and referral efficiency through data sharing and collaboration. Dr. Paul Kaplan outlined three main priorities for the year, including: evaluating PCPs and their referral patterns, working with specialists, and collaborating with physicians to review and track opportunities for improvement.

Now, Dr. Kaplan is back with us to highlight successes, share potential roadblocks, and outline plans for further provider group interaction and education which support paying for value.

In this on-demand webinar, Dr Kaplan discusses:

  • Best practices for membership growth and retention
  • Collaboration strategies to increase market opportunity
  • Improved methods for value-based care incentives