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Achieving risk adjustment excellence in the hyper-competitive Medicare Advantage landscape

Our new eBook explains the three opportunities for excellence that Medicare Advantage plans must pursue to excel in today's ultra-competitive marketplace.

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With the average Medicare Advantage (MA) beneficiary having 39 plans to choose from in 2022, the competition is getting even tougher—and plans that haven’t taken advantage of every opportunity to  drive risk adjustment excellence will fall behind.
To ensure premium accuracy, plans need to master the fundamental activities: suspect analytics, clinical data acquisition, HCC coding, and data submissions. But fundamentals alone won’t help plans separate themselves in today’s ultra-competitive MA marketplace. 
Read our new eBook for key strategies to improve your results, including:
  • “Next best action” analytics to support comprehensive gap closure
  • Increased digital capture, interoperability, and SDoH collection
  • Mitigating compliance audit exposure