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Navigating new frontiers in risk adjustment

The complexities of risk adjustment demand innovative solutions and strategic partnerships, particularly as health plans face challenges such as declining reimbursement and increased scrutiny. To effectively navigate these new frontiers in healthcare requires a partner that is committed to greater value, innovation, and partnership.

Watch our recent video from the 2024 Cotiviti Client Conference (CCC24) as we explain how Cotiviti helps our customers:

  • Prioritize effective interventions: Understand the importance of identifying the most impactful interventions within limited budgets and resources, using strategic planning to maximize efficiency in addressing risk adjustment gaps.
  • Leverage deep expertise: Learn the value of partnering with experts who deliver meaningful innovation through technologies like natural language processing, optimizing overall risk adjustment program operations.
  • Balance human touch with technology: Discover how combining human expertise with advanced technology enhances accuracy and efficiency in risk adjustment, supporting compliant, and accurate risk scores and ultimately improving the healthcare system.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn a new approach to achieving more accurate and more compliant risk adjustment outcomes.

About the Author

With over 25 years of healthcare experience, Katie is responsible for leadership and management oversight of teams spanning the globe to ensure optimal client outcomes and service delivery through management of key performance indicators related to Clinical and Coding solutions.

Profile Photo of Katie Sender, MSN, RN, PHN, CRC