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Total Value eBook: How to build a better payment integrity program

Discover how your health plan can create a more valuable payment integrity program and drive down medical loss by reducing improper medical costs.

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Successfully managing payment integrity programs is getting more challenging. Rising medical loss ratios (MLR), administrative pressure to keep costs low, and plan-wide pressure to build and maintain a satisfied, engaged network combine to create a complex balancing act.

For plans that truly want to unlock the total value of their payment integrity programs, a different approach is necessary. Discover how to get better long-term value out of payment integrity efforts in our latest eBook, Total Value: How to build a better payment integrity program. Learn the ways that health plans can get the best cost benefits from their payment integrity programs in three areas: 

  • Dimensions of value beyond medical cost savings
  • Meaningful innovation
  • True consultative partnership

About the Author

As executive vice president of payment integrity operations, Matthew leads Cotiviti’s payment operations business unit, where he is responsible for the success of Cotiviti’s prospective Payment Policy Management and Coding Validation solutions as well as the content development team. He has been with the organization since 2004.

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