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Operationalizing contract compliance: Insights from Walmart

Retailers and commercial enterprises routinely execute thousands of expense contracts for goods and services, but many do not have systematic audit programs in place to realize negotiated value and hold vendors accountable to contract terms.  

Watch on-demand as Walmart and Cotiviti leaders discuss how a strong contract compliance audit program can drive improved vendor performance through increased accountability. You'll learn: 

  • Walmart’s path to a robust contract compliance program and its overall impact
  • The benefits of operationalizing contract compliance including recovering overbillings and resetting vendor expectations
  • The risks associated with lack of accountability for vendor performance
  • How to create a culture of accountability among vendors and internal business partners to realize expected contract value 


Jason Henbest
Director, Procurement Services, Walmart

Jason has spent 29 years with Walmart in various leadership positions across the organization including procurement operations, inventory management, and contract services. He currently leads Walmart’s post-payment audit program.

Ryan Johnson
Director, Audit Operations and Contract Compliance, Cotiviti

Ryan has served as a Cotiviti contract compliance auditor for over 11 years, and he currently leads Cotiviti’s contract compliance team. During a career spanning more than two decades, Ryan has participated in audits of over 1,000 foreign and domestic companies.