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Sequencing investigative activities for greater provider impact

When investigations of provider fraud, waste, or abuse (FWA) are validated, payers typically take one or more of the following actions: education, prepay review, settlement and recovery, or pursual of prosecution. But these actions raise questions that can’t be answered later about positive behavior change and which postpay investigations drove prepay reviews.   

Join Cotiviti’s FWA experts for our latest FWA webinar as they discuss how to approach investigations, interventions, and behavior tracking across prepay and postpay FWA programs.  

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • How sequencing of investigative activities in the right order and with the right intervention mechanisms can increase positive behavior changes
  • Case studies showcasing how Cotiviti’s FWA team is achieving positive results with an end-to-end FWA approach
  • Best practices for yielding change in behavior and more FWA prevention in 2023