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Unlocking valuable SDoH data and connecting members to care with Eliza secure digital outreach

Learn how one large regional health plan reached >90% of its targeted members with multi-channel outreach.

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Health plans face considerable hurdles in capturing social determinants of health (SDoH) data, such as access to food, transportation, and housing, and linking them to appropriate resources.

Read our case study and learn how one large regional health plan deployed Eliza’s Secure Digital solution to conduct a multi-channel campaign in combination with interactive voice response (IVR) calls to survey member needs, capture social determinants of health data for reporting, and connect their 200,000 members to services. 

You'll learn how the plan surveyed members on critical topics including:

  • Health literacy and education
  • Chronic conditions
  • Mental health
  • Housing, transportation, food, and financial security
  • Having a PCP